Proverbs 18:21 teaches us that “life is in the power of the tongue.” Through declarations (intentionally speaking God’s truth aloud over ourselves, circumstances, people we love, etc.), God has given us a powerful, practical tool to renew our minds and direct the course of our lives with our words. Declarations have the power to increase our level of faith to propel us to experience all that Jesus has won for us. “Faith comes by hearing,” (Romans 10:17). We won’t have something just by saying something, but saying something is necessary to having something. We believe that nothing happens in the Kingdom unless a declaration is made.

We encourage you to start speaking the declarations lists below. Also, check out Steve’s book Declarations for 30 biblical reasons for making declarations, common objections to making declarations, and deeper teachings on the power of what we intentionally speak.

Powerful daily declarations from Steve to ignite your hope, joy, and renew your mind with truth.

Declarations #1 – These ten basic declarations are foundational to the building of your faith. They will increase expectancy of God’s goodness, and thus will increase the manifestation of that goodness in your life. Jesus said, “According to your faith, so be it” (Matthew 8:13). Say these (and other declarations) every day for a month and see what happens to your life.

  1. My prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16b).
  2. God richly supplies all my needs (Philippians 4:19).
  3. I am dead to sin and alive to live supernaturally (Romans 6:11; 2 Peter 1:4).
  4. I walk in ever-increasing health (Psalm 103:1-3, Isaiah 53:5).
  5. I live under supernatural protection (Psalm 91).
  6. Like Jesus, I prosper in all my relationships (Luke 2:52).
  7. I consistently bring God encounters to other people (Mark 16:17-18).
  8. Through Jesus, I am 100% loved and worthy to receive all of God’s blessings (Colossians 1:12-14).
  9. Each of my family members is wonderfully blessed and radically loves Jesus (Acts 16:30-31).
  10. I uproariously laugh when I hear a lie from the devil (Psalm 2:2-4).

Declarations #2 – Remember this: Faith is the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Our “evidence” for things being true is not our circumstances, but God’s promises. We don’t deny negative facts in our lives, but we choose to focus on a higher reality: God’s truth. Faith indeed comes by hearing (Romans 10:17); therefore, we choose to speak these powerful truths to build our own faith.

  1. I set the course of my life with my words (James 3:2-5).
  2. God is on my side; therefore, I declare I cannot be discouraged or defeated (Romans 8:37; Psalm 91; Philippians 4:13).
  3. I am the head, not the tail. I have insight. I have wisdom. I have ideas and divine strategies. I have authority (Deuteronomy 8:18; 28:13; James 1:5-8; Luke 10:19).
  4. As Abraham did, I speak God’s promises over my life. My faith is being strengthened to possess all that Jesus won for me (Romans 4:17-23).
  5. I have a sound mind. Today, I will think the right thoughts, say the right words, and make the right decisions in every situation I face (2 Timothy 1:7).
  6. I expect to have powerful, divine appointments today to heal the sick, raise the dead, prophesy life, lead people to Christ, bring deliverance, release signs and wonders, and bless every place I go (Book of Acts).
  7. I expect that today will be the best day of my life spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and financially in Jesus’ name. (Romans 15:13).

Declarations #3 – One of the main methods Jesus and the apostles used in the gospels and Acts was to SPEAK TO things. You will notice that they did not ask God to heal people, cast out demons, or raise the dead, but they spoke to bodies, demons, the wind, etc. Jesus encouraged us to speak to mountains in Mark 11:23. This set of declarations specifically focuses on speaking to various aspects of our lives.

  1. My angels are carrying out the Word of God on my behalf (Psalm 103:20).
  2. All attacks that were headed my way are diverted right now by angelic protection in Jesus’ name (Psalm 91).
  3. I declare peace over the raging waters in my mind, emotions, body, and family. I say, “Peace, be still” to each of these areas of my life (Mark 4:39).
  4. I speak to every mountain of discouragement, stress, depression, and lack, and cast it into the sea in Jesus’ name (Mark 11:22-24).
  5. I speak to this day, and I call you blessed. I declare I serve a mighty God who today will do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that I can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). I say You are a good God and I eagerly anticipate Your goodness today.
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68 declarations to speak over yourself to activate and engage your awareness with your spirit.

  1. I powerfully influence my surroundings.
  2. I am abundantly blessed in my finances.
  3. I know who I am in God and live accordingly.
  4. I am empowered to change the world.
  5. I am confident and happy with who I am.
  6. I expect to experience the supernatural.
  7. I prosper in all my relationships.
  8. I am in inner unity with the beliefs of Jesus.
  9. God passionately loves me.
  10. I release peace, joy, and love to others.
  11. My spirit is always aware of the unseen realm.
  12. I have legal access in heavenly places.
  13. I celebrate my progress.
  14. People are drawn to me.
  15. God is my perfect Father.
  16. I trust what my spirit sees and senses.
  17. I am aware of my spiritual senses.
  18. My Dad’s God.
  19. My thought life is deeply connected to who I am in God.
  20. It is natural for me to believe like Jesus.
  21. God’s goodness is my anchor in the storm.
  22. My spirit has authority over my mind.
  23. I carry the substance of favor.
  24. I easily receive blessings.
  25. I create strongholds of blessing in my family.
  26. I am a powerful person in speech and action.
  27. I create strongholds of blessing wherever I go.
  28. I receive constant nourishment to my body, soul, and spirit.
  29. I am tremendously powerful because of the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  30. The light of God within me destroys the works of the enemy.
  31. My spirit imparts wisdom and knowledge to others.
  32. Failure does not prevent me from receiving God’s love.
  33. I have been designed to flow in the supernatural.
  34. I am worthy to see and experience the Kingdom of God.
  35. I filter what I see, hear, and believe through the promises of God.
  36. I glorify God in coming alive in what He created me to be.
  37. God is faithful to heal the relationships in my family.
  38. The talents God gave me bring energy and fulfillment to my life.
  39. My thoughts, emotions, and words are in inner unity.
  40. My unconscious beliefs are in unity with my speech.
  41. My mind, will, and emotions are transformed by God’s word.
  42. My thoughts and attitudes carry a force in the unseen realm that affects my everyday life.
  43. I intentionally build healthy strongholds in my mind and emotions.
  44. I replace negative thought patterns with hope and truth.
  45. I joyfully anticipate what God can do today.
  46. My imagination is the soil for the seed of God’s word.
  47. I see my future through the lens of hope.
  48. I build altars in my mind to God’s faithfulness.
  49. My identity comes from my Creator.
  50. I will always have a solution.
  51. I have faith in the unseen realm.
  52. Light is more powerful than darkness.
  53. My life is worship.
  54. I influence the atmosphere with God’s presence.
  55. I live a resurrected life.
  56. I reveal the Holy Spirit through the things I enjoy.
  57. I am supernatural therefore I am not limited to the natural realm.
  58. I feel connected to God in my worship.
  59. I am consistently gaining understanding of what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like.
  60. God is always speaking to me.
  61. The Word of God transforms my life.
  62. I recognize and understand the realm of the Kingdom.
  63. God protects me and my family.
  64. My biblical optimism leads to breakthrough.
  65. God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory. (Philippians 4:19)
  66. Increased revelation brings increase.
  67. I quickly recognize lies and replace them with truth.
  68. There’s always hope for every situation.
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19 declarations from Wendy regarding living from the unseen realm.

  1. I anticipate good coming my way every day.
  2. My peace is a powerful weapon to change circumstances.
  3. The light of God dwells in me and destroys the works of the enemy.
  4. The supernatural is not something that happens to me, it is who I am.
  5. God and His realm have greater weight than my circumstances for this natural realm.
  6. I am aware of the unseen realm and I influence people and atmospheres with my spirit.
  7. My spirit is a powerful substance that is a force of light and revelation.
  8. Holy Spirit is communicating with my spirit and I easily hear Him.
  9. I get my identity from my future, not my past.
  10. I can do what my Father does, because I have His DNA.
  11. I carry the substance of favor and I don’t need to perform for people to like me.
  12. I live from my spirit, and let my spirit have a voice.
  13. The substance of Gods love and peace overwhelms people everywhere I go.
  14. I am a partaker of the divine nature, and I look like my Father.
  15. I easily rest and receive in His presence.
  16. I know my past, but I imagine my future according to the power that works in me.
  17. I attach great faith to everything I do; therefore, everything I do creates life and change.
  18. I have unseen resources and spiritual blessings to overcome every negative circumstance.
  19. The eyes of my imagination are enlightened to see the glorious inheritance and power that I have been called into (Eph. 1:18-19).
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50 identity declarations created from each of the chapter titles from Steve Backlund’s book Victorious Mindsets.

  1. The Truth Will Make Me Free
  2. I Do Small Things In A Great Way
  3. Having Done All I Know to Do, I Stand
  4. I Am Anointed
  5. I Am Called Of God
  6. My Prayers Are Powerful And Effective
  7. My Soul Is Prospering
  8. I Am Going Forward In Life
  9. I Run At My Goliath’s
  10. If This Doesn’t Work Out, Something Better Is Coming
  11. I Live To Plant Into The Future
  12. I Have Healthy Long-Term Relationships
  13. I Encounter God By Faith
  14. I Am Repenting To Glistening Hope
  15. There Is A Way
  16. I Love Life
  17. I Don’t Have To Be Perfect
  18. I Have a Great Work to Do
  19. God’s Kindness Leads To Repentance
  20. I Can Adapt Well To Diverse Situations And People
  21. I Do Everything In Faith
  22. I Apply Great Faith To Everything I Do
  23. Today’s Events Equip Me For My Future
  24. I Am Part Of God’s Genealogy For Revival
  25. My Past Does Not Determine My Future
  26. My Gifts Will Make Room For Me
  27. I Thrive Even If It’s Not A “Normal Week,” Because I Realize There Are Few “Normal Weeks.”
  28. I Have Grace to Make Rock Decisions, Not Sand Ones
  29. It Will Get Easier
  30. I Am Free From Fear
  31. When I Receive Impartation, I Am Radically Impacted
  32. I Am Full Of Gratitude
  33. My Mind Is Being Renewed By The Word Of God
  34. I Cannot Fail
  35. I See Failures As Growth Opportunities, And I Am Set Up For Future Success
  36. I Do More Than Expected
  37. I Rejoice When Others are Blessed
  38. I Take the High Road
  39. I Lay My Life Down For Others
  40. I Put Things in My Path to Bump Into That Contribute To My Personal Growth
  41. I Am Not Afraid of Missing Out
  42. Problems Are Opportunities
  43. I Welcome Resistance
  44. I Enthusiastically Serve Leaders
  45. I Am Ignited by a Burning Vision
  46. Light is More Powerful Than Darkness
  47. I Will Stay Hungry for God
  48. I Am First a Worshiper
  49. I Restrict My Behavior Because I Love Others
  50. It’s Working
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22 daily declarations for kids and families to declare together from Steve Backlund’s book Let’s Just Laugh at That for Kids!

Declarations help us build our faith!

  1. My prayers are powerful!
  2. God loves to provide for me.
  3. I am free from sin and alive in Him.
  4. My health gets better every day.
  5. God has supernatural protection for me.
  6. I am great at relationships.
  7. Because God is with me, the people around me experience His love and power.
  8. Because of Jesus, I am loved 100% and super blessed.
  9. My family is blessed.
  10. I recognize and laugh at the devil’s lies.

Hearing truth helps us grow in faith.

  1. My words direct my life.
  2. God is on my side. I can’t be beaten!
  3. I am a leader, I have great ideas, and God makes me powerful.
  4. When I speak truth, my faith grows, and I become who God made me to be.
  5. I think right thoughts, I speak words of life, and I make good decisions even when it is tough.
  6. God will use me today to release His power and love to the people around me.
  7. Today will be the best day yet!

To move mountains with Jesus, we need to speak to things.

  1. Because I love Jesus, angels are working for me.
  2. Bad things are turned away from me because of Jesus’ protection.
  3. I am a person of peace and bring peace to those around me.
  4. I tell tiredness, sadness, and fear to leave in Jesus’ name.
  5. This day is a blessed day. I can’t wait to see how God’s goodness shows up!
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