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  • Welcome to the Empowerment Assessment! The purpose of this assessment is to help you evaluate your current level of empowerment. In the book The Culture of Empowerment, Steve Backlund writes that empowering people inspire, give opportunities, and provide support. How empowering are you to yourself and to others?

    How To Take This Assessment

    This assessment has a total of 53 questions. Read each statement carefully and select the response that most closely reflects your belief in that area. Remember, this isn’t a test but an assessment, so don’t choose what you think you should believe, but rather what you currently believe.

    Your Results

    Shortly after submitting your assessment, you will receive your results by email along with suggestions to help you to grow in your empowerment.

    The assessments on this website are not designed to produce detailed individual analysis or prescriptions, but they can be helpful to assess your current understanding and experiencing the focus of the assessment.